Saturday, February 8, 2014

I should relax some security

I was in Bangalore last week attempting for my CCIE Security lab together with my good friend. Unfortunately, both of us didn't make it again. For me, the exam was even harder than the one that i took last November. I guess i need more preparation time for next attempt.

I'm going to take some time off from this security studies and plan for next attempt maybe later this year. One of the reason is, over the past few months, this exam seemed like an excuse to neglect other things. I know that I've been lacking in Data center side of networks, where i wasn't very sure in details what happens after the load balances, ucs/vm, storage. Now, with a DC tech refresh project, it seems like a good time to start absorbing more of DC technologies.

Secondly, I've been wanting to do something for the next generation of network engineers of my country but, i just didn't happen to do anything over the years. I have plans to do some programs for different levels of network engineer. Let's see how that project goes over next few weeks.