Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A little less of routers and switches wouldn't hurt

My 4th time to Jakarta in 4 months.. It's raining here now I'm just stuck in the traffic on the cab to my hotel.. Those who knows Jakarta will understand this feeling..

The first two times was for nexus 7000 but, this time I'm here for IT consultancy project with one of the largest hotel group in the world. In the past few months, I became one of the approved IT consultants for said hotel group in charge of network, wifi, pabx, cabling, server room, power, aircon, cctv, writing tender documents, project management if necessary..

You might ask, how did a network engineer end up doing all these.. Is it relevant to my career? Well, I always believe in the saying "no single job makes a career, no single job breaks a career".

I'm doing IT consultancy on one hand and doing my usual network projects on the other hand.. Even with less routers and switches, I've learned so much dealing with consultants from different line of work, hospitality, construction, architect, interior designers, mechanical and electrical part of the projects.

Life's good so far


  1. "no single job makes a career, no single job breaks a career"

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