Thursday, August 8, 2013

3 Months to Go...

Cisco sent me a payment reminder yesterday. I was thinking hard if i should confirm my lab exam appointment or not.. A lot of things happening at the new company. A job role that i'm not familiar with.. a lot of people leaving and joining.. I'm also assign to take care of new F5 business and i need to go for 5 days bootcamp next week.. etc.. etc..

Let's see what i have studied so far.. I have watched all the IPX VOD but, I have only finished 3 labs from IPX vol 1 until now. However, I have covered most of the topic from my previous studies and work experience. I think i should be able to do it.

So today, I decided to made the payment and go ahead with the schedule. damn.. these mobile labs are expensive... I'd better make it worth..  So, I will be doing 2 session each day from IPX during coming long holiday and hopefully, i should be finishing all the volume 1 labs at the end of the month. Vol 2 only has 5 labs.

I'm not sure why INE is so slow with coming out on security labs.. :| I will be doing some of their vol 1 labs during week days evening.. 3 months is short.. so..more studies and less fun for me these months..


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