Thursday, November 4, 2010

Roller coaster ride with Cisco

Last week, Cisco surprised me with an email the moment that i woke up. It mentioned "Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Mobile Lab in Singapore for November 2010 has been postponed.".. and they were still trying to find new dates for Singapore and stuffs. And asked me if i would like to take at another date and location. Since i have arranged for 2 weeks off from work, I quickly searched available lab dates and found on 16th Nov at Bangalore. Replied their email and even called them up to see if they can confirm me the Bangalore date faster. But, i was told that i needed to wait for 1-2 working days.

Then today, i receive a surprised email from Cisco again that the new lab date for Singapore is 22nd Nov and they have reserved a seat for me.(Eh.. OK....Whatever..)

So, basically my lab date was push back a week further. I spent time on worrying for the troubles of traveling, arranging for accommodations and stuffs and I had even applied for Indian visa which is totally not so understandably expensive upto 100$+. Wasted time and money..