Friday, May 7, 2010

No More OEQ For Me.. How Good Is That...

Latest update from Cisco "CCIE RS and Voice exams will no longer have OEQ (Open Ended Questions) starting Monday, May 10th". Cisco introduced the OEQ section in CCIE RS exam last year February (if i remember correctly) to prevent some inconsistency in the exams until they can come up with another solution (which is troubleshooting section) and Now Cisco has finally taken out the OEQ section from the exam as they promised after a year.

I wonder how would those people who purchased 360 program (if any) to avoid OEQ feel...

Anyway, even though i don't like the OEQ section, i still think that studying for that is really helpful to fully understand the technologies.


  1. I heard that OEQ can skip only for the one who purchased 360 program. Let's say, if you don't go for 360 program, you still need to sit for OEQ question. isn't it?

  2. Yap.. that was the deal last time.. But now, they're going to totally remove it from the exam. No more OEQ for everyone starting this Monday.

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