Monday, March 29, 2010

CCIE R&S Exam Checklist from Cisco

Yesterday, Cisco posted CCIE Routing and Switching Lab Exam Checklist (Version 17) on Cisco Learning Network. This time Cisco went in deeper and more detailed which i would say useful for a lot of people. It's always better to elaborate what kind of technologies we can expect in the exam instead of just topic overviews.

The following notes are IPExpert take on the Checklist

Notes for CCIE R&S Topics

  • PPP over Frame Relay is explicitly mentioned
  • Regular and smart macros for switches are explicitly mentioned
  • Redistribution between OSPF and RIP isn’t mentioned, but we shouldn’t ignore it
  • BGP peer groups are mentioned, but not templates
  • There is no mention on OER/PfR!
  • Bidirectional PIM is mentioned
  • Dense-mode PIM is mentioned
  • Bootstrap ROuter (BSR) is not mentioned
  • Multicast Routing Monitor isn’t mentioned
  • Zone Based Firewall with deep packet inspection is mentioned
  • Policy-based NAT is mentioned
  • TCP intercept is mentioned
  • “Old” QoS reappears – CQ, PQ, CAR and FRTS
  • WRR is mentioned, but this must be SRR with typo

Enjoy Learning....