Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Gotta get that!!

It has been like 3 months that i almost didn't do anything about my CCIE studies.. I was kind of mentally disturbed (i'm not going crazy by the way) by the IE new version, trying to change my job, being away from my gf, gone on a vacation and some other things...

Now, things are more or less stable.. Ppl are starting to pass the new version, had a deal with a Cisco gold partner to do project implementations and my gf is back.. Things are looking good.. And Cisco has just announced CCNP newer version with TSHOOT (who cares about new CCIE SPO?) and i'm hoping to see a study material for that which might be able to help me prepare for my CCIE TSHOOT section :)

Anyway.. gotta get that.. gotta get back on the track..