Monday, December 6, 2010

What's Next...

Let's see.. First of all, I'm gonna have to change my blog title to something else since it's no longer the hunt for second CCIE.

Second, I'm moving to new job next year which has more to do with Data Center stuffs which is quite exciting.

Third, Since the new job role requires me to take care a bunch of firewalls and F5 LBs, I'm gonna read up some security stuffs and BIG-IP for now...

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Roller coaster ride with Cisco

Last week, Cisco surprised me with an email the moment that i woke up. It mentioned "Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Mobile Lab in Singapore for November 2010 has been postponed.".. and they were still trying to find new dates for Singapore and stuffs. And asked me if i would like to take at another date and location. Since i have arranged for 2 weeks off from work, I quickly searched available lab dates and found on 16th Nov at Bangalore. Replied their email and even called them up to see if they can confirm me the Bangalore date faster. But, i was told that i needed to wait for 1-2 working days.

Then today, i receive a surprised email from Cisco again that the new lab date for Singapore is 22nd Nov and they have reserved a seat for me.(Eh.. OK....Whatever..)

So, basically my lab date was push back a week further. I spent time on worrying for the troubles of traveling, arranging for accommodations and stuffs and I had even applied for Indian visa which is totally not so understandably expensive upto 100$+. Wasted time and money..

Saturday, October 23, 2010

SP Exam Equipment and Software Version List.

Lab Equipment
• Cisco XR12000 Series Routers

• Cisco 7200/7600 Series equivalent Routers (Using Simulator)

• Cisco ME3400E Series Switches

Software Versions
• XR12000 routers running IOS-XR Software Version 3.9.1

• 7200/7600 routers running IOS Software Version 12.2-33 SR

• ME3400E switches running IOS Software Version 12.2-54 SE

Reference :

Thursday, October 21, 2010

CCIE SP Exam Got Refreshed...

Cisco came up with CCIE SP Version 3 yesterday. A few interesting new topics there such as VPLS and Carrier Ethernet, GRE L2 VPN, and SONET??? I wonder why there is nothing about IPV6.. anyway, you can find out the complete list here

It is still not clear about what routers will be used, 7600??? How about software versions, IOS-XR???

Saturday, October 16, 2010

30 Days to Go..

Just to update that i'm still alive and kicking :) I won't be spending much on the blog this time but, more time on labbing, troubleshooting, white papers, features and stuffs - mostly theory and configuration examples from Cisco website. It helped a lot last time. Had been doing labs over the weekends and planned for 2 weeks off from work as last time for isolation.

Only one month left until the exam and strange that there is still no instruction from Cisco about it like where the exam location, time and stuffs. Btw, I'm sitting the mobile lab this time in Singapore.

Cheers for now..

Friday, May 7, 2010

No More OEQ For Me.. How Good Is That...

Latest update from Cisco "CCIE RS and Voice exams will no longer have OEQ (Open Ended Questions) starting Monday, May 10th". Cisco introduced the OEQ section in CCIE RS exam last year February (if i remember correctly) to prevent some inconsistency in the exams until they can come up with another solution (which is troubleshooting section) and Now Cisco has finally taken out the OEQ section from the exam as they promised after a year.

I wonder how would those people who purchased 360 program (if any) to avoid OEQ feel...

Anyway, even though i don't like the OEQ section, i still think that studying for that is really helpful to fully understand the technologies.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's not so bad after all...

After losing the study steam for past few months.. I just realized that I could managed to get myself onto track slowly. It's not so bad after all. I have been studying lately and doing some Volume 1 labs of IPX for past few weekends... done half of volume1 till Lab17..

Just like i always do, read theory, do lab.. read theory. do lab.. Hope i can finish till QOS part this weekend.. Let's see how..

Monday, March 29, 2010

CCIE R&S Exam Checklist from Cisco

Yesterday, Cisco posted CCIE Routing and Switching Lab Exam Checklist (Version 17) on Cisco Learning Network. This time Cisco went in deeper and more detailed which i would say useful for a lot of people. It's always better to elaborate what kind of technologies we can expect in the exam instead of just topic overviews.

The following notes are IPExpert take on the Checklist

Notes for CCIE R&S Topics

  • PPP over Frame Relay is explicitly mentioned
  • Regular and smart macros for switches are explicitly mentioned
  • Redistribution between OSPF and RIP isn’t mentioned, but we shouldn’t ignore it
  • BGP peer groups are mentioned, but not templates
  • There is no mention on OER/PfR!
  • Bidirectional PIM is mentioned
  • Dense-mode PIM is mentioned
  • Bootstrap ROuter (BSR) is not mentioned
  • Multicast Routing Monitor isn’t mentioned
  • Zone Based Firewall with deep packet inspection is mentioned
  • Policy-based NAT is mentioned
  • TCP intercept is mentioned
  • “Old” QoS reappears – CQ, PQ, CAR and FRTS
  • WRR is mentioned, but this must be SRR with typo

Enjoy Learning....

Saturday, February 27, 2010

It has been 4 months..It's time.

It has already been like 4 months without studying anything.. I'd just joined the new Company last week and now i'm forced to study as a job requirement which is a good thing. But, things don't go in CCIE blueprint sequence.. (of course :0 ) .I need to start with GRE, mGRE, IPSec, DMVPN, IOS Firewall and things like that.

I have not seen those GRE/IPSec things since my ISCW and almost forgot about those. When it comes to Enterprise networks, technologies in ISCW comes pretty handy. I wonder why Cisco had to take away all those stuffs from CCNP.

I guess i'm going to be pretty busy for next few weeks catching up new things.. exciting though...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Gotta get that!!

It has been like 3 months that i almost didn't do anything about my CCIE studies.. I was kind of mentally disturbed (i'm not going crazy by the way) by the IE new version, trying to change my job, being away from my gf, gone on a vacation and some other things...

Now, things are more or less stable.. Ppl are starting to pass the new version, had a deal with a Cisco gold partner to do project implementations and my gf is back.. Things are looking good.. And Cisco has just announced CCNP newer version with TSHOOT (who cares about new CCIE SPO?) and i'm hoping to see a study material for that which might be able to help me prepare for my CCIE TSHOOT section :)

Anyway.. gotta get that.. gotta get back on the track..