Thursday, October 29, 2009


There is a interesting thread going on here at IEOC.

For me, during my SP study, INE labs always seems to be quite straight forward and ask me to configure the tasks directly. IPX labs always ask about the result and need to think what you can do to get to the final result and you how to know how to configure it too. Maybe i'd also try INE switching lab first to see if they're better in R&S.

IPX Vol 1 Lab 2 and Lab 3

Last night, i managed to finish IPX Vol 1, Lab2 and Lab3. I was thinking i could finish until lab4 but, since i needed to wake up and go to work, i went to bed after 2 labs.

Like always from IPX, they make it difficult even for the focused labs. And some strange features that i didn't know even existed. Anyway, i will try to finish Lab4 and Lab 5 by this weekend to tick my switching checklist.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Switching.. Switching.. Switching..

I'm almost done with re-reading switching concepts and i hope i could start to do switching focused lab from IPX tomorrow night.. Anyway, there is one thing good about CCIE V4 blueprint from Cisco Learning Site. Nothing special but guess what..The blueprint comes with a checklist and i think it helps me a lot to keep track of my progress.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Time for lab again.. countdown will be starting soon.

Passed my written last week on the last day of R&S v3 and now CCIE v4 is officially kicking ass. I have not decided on my lab date yet(not even the month), but, i will be starting technologies focused labs in this week. My strategy is to Read Theory, do lab.. read theory, do lab.. read theory, do lab.. read theory, do lab.. until all the technologies covered in IPX VOL is finished. or should i do it together with INE Vol 1?

Any advice on IPX Vol 1 vs INE Vol 1?

Friday, October 16, 2009

CCNP goes Troubleshooting

Looks like, now, Cisco wants the candidates to be prepared before the CCIE lab for troubleshooting section. Starting from end for 2010, BSCI and BCMSN will be having new names. ISCW and ONT will be taken away and new Troubleshooting module will be added.

You can find out more details on this ongoing post :

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Notes from Official Update: CCIE Routing and Switching Web Seminar

I attened the Official Update: CCIE Routing and Switching Web Seminar last week. Surprisingly, i was the only attendance while i was expecting a lot of people would be interested to join and listen. The following is the note that i wrote down that night from Maurilio Gorito explanations, Product Manager of CCIE RS. Luckly, Brad Ellis, CEO of CCBootcamp help to ask a lot of question during Q&A section to dig out some more details.

isr running iso 12.4(T)
catalyst switches running IOS 12.2 Adv IP service
Scenario-based question added written exam
lab less emphasis on professional level task (more pre configuration)

New skills/ topics added.
planning and evaluating network change
performance routing, OER, EIGRPv6
IPv6 Multicast
MPLS and Layer 3 VPN

Short answer (up to 30min) - can be one word answer
Troubleshooting : up to 2 hours - Layer 3, Layer 2 (only WAN), routers only
Configuration ; at least 5 1/2 hours

New troubleshooting section
-multiple scenarios described on 'trouble tickets'
-diagnose and resolve fault(s) on preconfigured topology
-Network must be operationl to receive credit
-8 to 12 trouble tickets (doesn't mean that 8-12 topologies)
-may issue multiple diagrams for each topology (ospf, ipv6, etc..)
-totally on virtual environment (cisco version of dynamips)

Configuration Section
-More partially preconfigured solutions
-MPLS VPN is for layer 3 vpn only (e.g. 2xPE 2xCE)

You can use the link below to view the recording of the event:

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Multicast and QOS done.. v3 Written on the last day?

Even though SP track covers lots for QOS and Multicast, they still sweat me a bit as always. Anyway, think i have pretty much cover the v3 written blueprint and I want to try it before they change it to version 4. I think I'll just go ahead and book for 16th Oct, which is the last day that we can take the version 3 exam in Singapore (17th is a public holiday). If i can clear it by then, i can already start working on my lab books.

My Plan is to go through CCIE Routing and Switching Quick Rreference Sheet starting from tomorrow and to take 2 days leave from work before the exam date.