Monday, July 6, 2009

Unproductive Week..

I was sick the whole week and not in the mood to study.. Spending the whole week and i could barely finish BCMSN Student Guide I and II (skipped the WLAN topics).. VLAN and trunking topics are easy and OK. STP is normal but, RST is a nasty one. I'm sure that i'll forget the details of it soon. But, no worries. I still needa read Switching part from Wendell Odom's book. HSRP, VRRP, GLBP and switching security topics are also some good mind-refreshers..

No motivation too.. My company's still reviewing what to do with me passing CCIE since i pass my lab almost 3 weeks back and until now, no response.. By the way, my friend/study partner Sai passed his lab last week. Congratulations to CCIE #24725.


  1. Hey Zay,

    Convey my wishes to Sai.

    No worries, you can get back on to studies very soon. All the best

  2. you also had good study partner
    congrats to Sai CCIE#24725 :)

  3. Indeed, not to worries mate, that's pretty normal. Honestly I think that the worse part of CCIE prep for me was preparing the written (as I love labbing), and I can see how going from hardcore labbing to theory top-up may not be greates incentive... :)

    BTW I finally found a place in Brussels for 18th Sep, so no need to go to Sydney any more.

    Take care and maybe chill for a while, you don't want to force yourself too much and the later you pass the R&S, the longer you'll have your CCIE-SP recertified :)

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