Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Still in Holiday Mood but with a Good Investment and INE Released Vol 4 wrokbook

Following NeuralPsychoNetwork's advice, I'm still in holiday mood and nothing about RS was done last week.. but, i did get my annual bonus and made a good investment out of it. I'd purchased INE CCIE 2.0 program and some rack sessions. Thanks Mike for a great deal.. You're the man..

INE has also released a new workbook Vol 4 for troubleshooting section and it is going to be part of 2.0 program as well. If you purchase 2.0 program recently, you will get the Vol 4 workbook in your account in a few days which is a good news for me..


  1. Hi there;

    Hope you're enjoying your holidays. Quick question for you:
    For the CCIE SP I've purchased IPX CCIE SP Lab Mentoring Kit with Vol 3. Is Vol 3 different from Vol 2? Having a look at Vol 3, I think that INE Vol 2 is way more complex/complete, so I'm a bit dissapointed with the price value for money ratio. Therefore before purchasing IPX Vol 2, just wanted to know if it's more complex/complete than Vol 3.

    I've already emailed Mike D. but I would like your opinion too.

    Best regards

  2. Hi,

    Yes. It is true. I also felt the same thing with IPX Vol3 workbook. I purchased on the same week they release the workbook but, i was a bit disappointed. Anyway, Only Lab 5 from Vol 3 is comparable to Vol 2 labs. But, You don't need to think twice about Vol 2 workbook. It's the best SP workbook I've ever seen.


  3. Zayphyoe many thanks for the prompt response. I'll go ahead then with IPX Vol 2.

    Best Regards!!!

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