Sunday, June 21, 2009

Things That Pushed me Up To Become a CCIE SP (Labbing)

I was reading all the way up for months until last year November and just started labbing up in December. The method that i used was to follow the arrangement of IPX Vol 1 Technologies Focused Labs. For example, it started with Frame Relay. I read about frame relay about a few days and did the lab 1. Then i read about ATM for a few days and did the lab 2. and it keeps going on until Lab25 where it had covered most of the technologies. I recommended everyone to use IPX Vol 1 workbook for the SP starters. The proctor guide provides not only the solution, but also detail explainations. I used only Dynamips for Vol 1 labs since i do not need to build up a large topology.

I would say i was very lucky to won a give away from IPX duirng Christmas. I won 25 lab sessions and a workbook from Proctorlabs. Thanks Wayne for that. I wish he could do this every now and then. :) After technologies focused labs, i started to do full scale labs from Vol 2. Vol 2 labs were very hard for me at that time so, i switched to proctorlabs workbook after 2 labs. Proctorlabs workbook's labs are usually small secenerio and suitable for those who has finished technologies focused labs.

Then i started to do some labs from IPX Vol 3 and INE Vol 2 from easier to the harder one. It's easy to do that on INE labs since they have difficulty rating but the IPX labs are not. Anyway, i managed to finish all the labs by the end of april and could re-do 12 of the most difficulty among them. It was when i started to write this blog. By the way, i used online racks from Both IPX and INE, except for IPX Vol1. The workbooks that i used were

How much time did i use to complete all these labs and re-do some of the labs? I used 42 session on IPExpert labs 30 session on INE labs which could add up to about 500 hours in total..

So, is the reading more importand or the labbing? My theory is that, there is no rule for that. Read until you fully understand the technology and lab up until you know how to configure them even if you are waken up at the middle of the night. As i say, the more you read, and the better you understand how router thinks and works, the better you are in the lab. But, some of the things can be only seen and experienced when you do the labs. So, all we need is to balanced between reading and labbing.

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    congrats for passing and can u share this workbooks with me it would bee pleasure