Tuesday, June 23, 2009

One week after the lab... The Hunt for my second CCIE

I had been on break for one week already (literately didn't do anything much even at work.. lol ). Anyway, i have decided to go for R&S as my next target. The reason is simple. Even though SP covers a lot of BGP, MPLS and VPN technologies, it only has basic switching, IGP and some IOS features. It feels like reading a incomplete chapter in a best seller novel.. I believe if you do R&S first, you'll feel better, because you just don't know much about VPNs.

How would you feel if you are a CCIE, but, not proficient enough in switching, IGP routing? Don't know details about IPv6 and not sure of how some of the IOS features works? I am sure it doesn't feel good and so do i.

Actually and initially, i was planning to go for R&S first. But, my good friend Sai convinced me to go for SP first with him. I was like, ok, i am working in an ISP, i will have a study mate (which i realized really good to have one) if i go for SP and SP also covers more that 50% of R&S topics. So, what the hack.. let''s do SP. That was how i became a SP candidate.. Pretty lame, isn't it?


  1. Haha, anyway I am still trying to complete.

  2. ohhh..i'm glad that you next step is RS...

  3. I kinda agree. When you go throgh Jeff Doyle's books (e.g.), you feel like you're not exploiting a particular technology to its fullest in the SP track, specially IGP or BGP. However, obviously you do stuff that the R&S guys can only dream about :) Anyways, your choice makes sense and you can always afterwards do the JNCIE if you're still seeking further specialization.

    Be the force be with you!!!

    BTW, I love your blog and I'll be applying it to my SP lab preparation.

  4. Thanks dude.. (i guess you must be a guy). so, when are you planning for SP attempt.

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