Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Lab Day...

I woke up at 6:30 in the morning, took shower, had breakfast at hotel and got on to the car the hotel arranged for me at 7:30.. Cisco lab is inside Cessna Business Park, where a lot of MNCs are located. The security measure are quite serious at this time in India. There was even dogs (i think K9) to search all the cars coming to that area.. I registered my name in the guest book at the entrance and i noteced there were 3 more candidates before me.

I walked into the lobby area and noticed that there were 3 indian guys sitting quitely on sofas. I didn't join them in the first place and after a while, i decided to join them and break the code of silence. I introduced myself and ask whether they're there for ccie lab (of course i knew why they were there). Then we started to talk about stuffs not only about the exam, but also about india job market and employers expections for CCIE holder since 2 of the guys were not currently not working.

All 4 of us were not CCIE holders and going for first track. One guy is doing Security and the other 2 were for R&S. After a while, the proctor came in and escoted us to the lab. He briefed us about the exam rules and explain what we can do and what we can't. I don't know if the proctors are sick tired of doing this every day but, it's their job, isn't it?

We all started our labs at 9am.. I won't be writing anything technical about the exam due to NDA My strategy is to read and complete section by section, i usually don't read the whole lab since it may make me nervous if i found out something that i dont' know, in the later sections. So, just read the whole section and complete it first and continue to next one. This strategy works well for SP track since SP networks are like orge (scott morris says so). They are made in layers, Layer2, IGP, mpls, mpls-te, VPN, etc. You must make sure the underlying technology is completed before you can continue to next secion.

I manged to finish a lot of sections before lunch and i felt pretty good about that compared to the last time. Lunch was arloo(potato) prata and it tasted pretty good. But, i dont know why, i couldn't finish it even though i was hungry since 1 hour ago. Maybe, because the exam stress. After lunch i got back onto my rack in finish off the remaining tasks. Since i managed to finish the labs early, i could do the verification several times. I did about 3 times for every tasks and found out 3 mistakes out of it. I'm glad i could do that.

I came out from the lab room about 30 minutes earlier and waited for my pick up from hotel. After a while, all the other guys came out. Security guy said he did well. One R&S guy said not so bad but the other guys said too hard for him. We wish each other good luck and they went back but, i was still waiting for my pick up. The car showed up around 6pm and i was already hungry at that time since i didn't eat well at lunch. The drive to airport relly took around 2 hours since it was monday and traffis is terrible.

I reached to Bangalore airport around 8 pm and i couldn't find my flight on the schedule. So, i go and check with my airline which is JetAirways and they said they flight was cancled but, they put me on to KingFisher flight to Chennai i need to take my flight back to Singapore. I had a burger and a coke and got onto flight. I reached to Chennai around 10 pm. I wondered around in the airport with nothing to do for like 3 hours which is really suck. So, i suggest anyone going to Bangalore for lab to take direct flights.

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