Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Day That I Became a CCIE

I tried to get Internet access in the Chennai airport to check my mail to see if i have received any mail from Cisco for my result. But, i couldn't find one. The plane took off at 1:15 and it took around 4 hours to reach back to Singapore. I tried to sleep on the plane but, i could only sleep for a few minutes on and off. I was so tired and didn't even happened to think about my outcome.

I reached to Singapore Changi Airport a little bit after 8am and i open my mail through mobile immediately after the flight was landed. I saw there was one familiar mail from Cisco saying that my score report is ready. Then, i started to have temptation to know my result ASAP. So, I rush into the terminal and looked for an Internet access point before i pass the immigration. I found one. I logged into my CCO account, fill up info for CCIE online login.. I wished myself good luck and press Login.. Once it went to the next page the first thing i see was "#" sign and a number. and i knew myself that i have made it through and bacame a CCIE.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS MAN!!!! Wish you best of luck in the future.

  2. Congrats Zay!! enjoy the well deserved rest :D

  3. Congratz Zay....You could have said me earlier that you will visit chennai. I would have come there to meet you. Anyways will meet sometime later. Enjoy the beautiful moments now on.
    Take care.


  4. Well done, very well deserved! What now? Feeling the bug for a second track ? :)

  5. Again congrats on your achievement.
    Quick question for you. Overall if you had to put a ball figure regarding the total number of hours you've put into lab preparation, what will it be?


  6. Sorry, I should have put all the questions together but here they go.
    Q1 - How many hours do you think you've put on lab preparation?
    Q2 - Did you just use IPX material or as well some of INE or other source?
    Q3 - Did you use Dynamips or physical kit?
    Q4 - What would you say was the split % between reading theory and labbing?

    That's all :)

    All the best

  7. Thanks everyone for following my blog and congratulations. I will also post about my preparation later as a blog post..

  8. Huge congrats and well done.
    Please post some details regarding you lab experience.