Sunday, June 21, 2009


I am now very confusing about if i should go for CCIE R&S or JNCIE as my next target. Please feel free to put in some comments for suggestion.


  1. Since you have an interest in service providers you should go for the JNCIE because there are alot of Junipers out there :-)

  2. I think it depends. The good thing about R&S is that it has greater depth on IGP and enterprise technologies which can always provide you an alround/end to end skill set, and probably a "pre-req" if you're aiming to do the CCDE at some point. If you're planning to just work on SP environments, then probably specialization is the way forward. BTW, I think that JUNOS kick ass. I went for a one week workshop with Juniper a couple of years ago and I was astonished as to how advanced their stuff is. And as with Dynamips you can use Olive to get you started.
    Probably time to give it a good long though ....

  3. i'm taking my JNCIE :)
    CCIE SP will be my target !!!

    QuadCCIE - Zay....