Monday, June 1, 2009

13 Days to Go Again...

Time is running out really fast and i couldn't do much labbing due to availability of ATM racks from IPexpert and not being able to take leave from work. I still have quite a few sessions left to be used, but, they really need to put in one or two additional ATM racks for SP track. Anyway, i managed to finish 2 labs from IPX Vol 3 and some labs from Vol 1 which is not so bad. I will just consider it as a practice not to forget how to type commands.. LOL..

I have been reading some books these days, mainly, Routing TCP/IP VOl 2, MPLS and VPN Architectures Vol 2 adn Cisco QOS Exam Certification Guide. I have also done labbing up Proctorlabs Workbook, 5 Labs (YES, they have their own workbook) and 4 labs from INE Vol 2 neither on dynamips topology nor real rack but in my mind and notepad. Some of the QOS, Security, IOS management and services topics i just created one router in dynamips and throw in all the commands.

Anyway, i could manage to get 1 ATM session on next weekend & 1 on Friday next week and planning to do IPX Vol 2, Lab 4 and 5 for those sessions. Other than that i still have 2 more normal SP rack booked so, i hope i could finish up 2 more labs from Vol 3 and some from Vol 1 as well. I won't be labbing up any INE labs on racks this time.


  1. How do you rate the proctorlab workbooks?

  2. I would say it is good for those who had just started labs and done VOL 1 of either IPX or INE. It includes 5 Labs are all are pretty easy. But, CCIE beginners like me could still pick up something when i started.

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