Tuesday, June 16, 2009

1 Day to Go Again... (Update)

I reached to Bangalore around 4pm and there was a guy from my hotel waiting for me with my name on a paper.. I was being told by one of my friends that traffic jam in Bangalore is horrible, but suprisingly i didn't see any heavy traffic one the way to hotel. I asked the driver and he said it was because of weekend, when bus services are off and less business cars on the road. Bangalore International airport is pretty further off the city and about 50km drive from Cisco office. It can take up to 45 min on weekend, 2 hours or more on weekdays.

The hotel that i stayed was "The Belair Hotel". It is in between airport and cisco lab location, which is only about 3km far away from Cisco Lab. I really enjoyed staying that and food is really nice too. Rates are charged reasonably and they can arrange everything for you. They picked me up at airport. I asked them to  arrange drop off at Cisco office on lab day and pick up after the lab and send me straight to airport because i was taking the 10pm flight after the lab. If you happened to stay at that hotel, just ask for a guy named "Murali". He now, really knows how to arrange for CCIE candidates.

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Hotel is "A" in the map is Cisco lab is on bottom left corner.

They have a really great Wi-Fi connection which cost only 7$ a day.. I made a few call through Internet and zoom into bed straight after dinner because i was so tired being on the plane for several hours.

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