Sunday, May 24, 2009

One week after the lab... The new Countdown begins.

It has been 1 week since i failed the lab exam in sydney. So, what's my next move? Of course there has to be a new countdown.. But, when...? i am planning to go for next attempt as soon as i can.
Why do i want to go that early? why the rush.? Well, there are several reason to that that, the first one is, i failed my previous attempt just because some of the features that i used to implement in IPE or INE labs are not supported on the exam.. which is very irritating.
Second reason is that even though i failed, i went in so close to passing score.
Third reason is that Cisco has put in Core Knowledge portion on R&S in Feb, Security in June with only one month notice which means it can be anytime for SP with same only 1 month notice.. By the time we see the announcement, there may not be any available seats. I found a lot of people who had passed the lab but failed the whole exam just because this core knowledge section (that's the saddest thing)


  1. That's the spirit!! As the song says "When the going gets tough, the tough gets going"
    All the best mate. Look forward to your new attack plan :)

  2. Do you mean that you wasted time with IPE and INE labs configuring features that are not supported in the real lab? (and you need to learn alternative solutions but didn't) I am going for my SP lab on 7/2 in RTP. My blog is at

  3. Hi Bill..

    I didn't mean that.. Both IPE and INE workbooks are very helpful for lab exam. It's just that some well known commands were not supported there and you need to use alternative solutions.

  4. Thanks... I've been worried that I am running a version of IOS that is "too new" because much of what the blueprint states is not available from anymore.