Saturday, May 16, 2009

The day after the Lab Day... I didn't make it.

Last night i went to bed with really early with exhausted mind... I knew that i couldn't do well enough. I may pass or failed based on some unknown exam rules. All i can say without breaking the NDA is, because of some crazy tasks, i couldn't fulfil some of the later tasks. Just as i though, once i woke up this morning, i was having a mail for cisco. I logged into my account and check, Failed. Well. I was really close to pass., but, nothing much to say. Just hope for the best for next try... Now, time to have a break.


  1. Head up. Take a break, and get back to it. You must not give up now. What defines us is how well we rise after falling.

  2. Head up man ... Try again ... Cheers !!!

  3. Head up man.....Never think you are failed, think you gave a chance to others because you can do it at any time.

    shivlu jain

  4. Of course my head's up. and i believe i can make it next time. :)