Thursday, May 7, 2009

8 Days to Go...

IPExpert Vol 2 Lab 3, i would say this lab is hard core multicast with crazy bgp multicast. Since multicast is my weakest subject, it's harder for me than anyone else on this one. Topology is 3 AS, Inter-AS VPN. VPN section was simple and Ineternet secion too. But, Multicast wasn't. I failed to complete one task (4 marks worth in workbook).

Anyway, one of my friend asked me after reading my blog. "What'd do everyday after you've done your lab". Of course i'm still reading (actually rereading) books, IOS features and whitepapers because we can't remember everything at once, right? . I like reading theory. I prefer reading books than doing lab. But, whithou lab, sometimes you just can't see what is coming.. The book won't teach you that. But, you won't go so far without reading real books in the topics like QOS. So, we just need to balance between these two as you like.

Next 3 days straight is for IEWB. Tomorrow is IEWB Vol 2 Lab 6.

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