Friday, May 8, 2009

6 Days to Go...

IEWB Vol 2 Lab 7 is somehow easy even though the difficulty rating is 8. Maybe because i had done it before. Anyway, I was stuck in in Internet connection for some time. The question is to do the usual nat on the PE router and make sure we can connect to BB router.

I created ip nat pool on PE router and announce it via BGP to the another IBGP neighbor which is connected by BB router via RIP. As everyone know, networks work 2 way.. In order to get a ping reply, BB router must know the ip pool range. Solution is simple, just redistribute the nat pool range which is received via BGP from PE into RIP on backbone connected router.

There is one other router is RIP domain so, i can see which routes are redistributed from BGP. But, no matter how i did, i couldnt' see the ip pool range on the other side.. putting in and taking out route-maps, try to change admin distance and all didnt' work. Maybe R&S guys would know easily that, for me i was in SP track from the start so, IGPs like RIP is not so close to me.

Finally i fould the answer. By default, when you redistribute BGP learned routes into RIP, only eBGP routes will be redistributed. In order to allow the router to redistribute iBGP routes, you have to use the following command under router bgp process.

bgp redistribute-internal

One small thing could give us a big problem if we don't know how the router thinks.

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