Friday, May 1, 2009

13 Days to Go...

My last lab which is "i didn't have chance to do it, IE Lab10" went well better i expected. I have found difficulties under some sections but, mostly it was doable. This lab has some interesting features such as TE tunnel runs directly on top of IGP which means no "mpls ip" command at all, vrf select, it runs multicast in TE tunnels instead of enabling pim on every interface in SP domain, and the QOS question is a bit tricky. It is a good lab to do.

There are some part you need to do it differently from solution guide (guide error?). And the worse was that i had to restart the routers several times. I didn't know what was happening, the routers were switching the wrong mpls lables, but, it worked after i reloaded them. strange. i wonder how to solve it in production network which cannot be just restarted.. 

Anyway, i will be doing IPExpert Vol 3 Lab 5 for tomorrow.. I have done this one before, in fact i have done all the labs from IPExpert and IEWB. It tooke me quite a lot of time to finish it (so many things were asked) at the first time. Let's see how it goes for second time tomorrow.

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