Sunday, May 3, 2009

11 Days to Go...

A quick post. Today did IPExpert Vol 2 Lab 1.. The topology is an inter-as VPN with Multisite OSPF CEs. It looks like a simple lab, but, in fact it wasn't. Every seciont has a tricky question. There was a fan part on getting the sham-link works. And another thing was Inter-AS multicast with msdp. I don't know what was wrong but,  i couldn't ping from AS1 to AS2 while AS2 can ping AS1. There is no TE running in between no rpf-failure was not a problem. RP was just dropping the mpackets in other drops and i couldn't figure out why is that. RP it self could ping to the other side but, it won't forward the packets from other routers.

Tomorrow is time for InternetworkExpert. Vol 2 Lab 5

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