Thursday, May 14, 2009

1 Day to Go... First day in Sydney..

Last night, I downloaded some IOS features and White papers from Cisco website to read on the plane. Even though it was 7hours boring flight, I purposely didn’t sleep just to make myself tired so that i could sleep early at night and wake up early in the morning. I reached to Sydney airport around 7pm in the evening, the weather was pretty chilling but, it’s better than I expected.

I had a friend picking me up there so, I called him up and he’s already at the airport. Ok. Everything cool, we hired a taxi and went to the hotel... Damn... The taxi meter was increasing like a second timer... and the bridge toll plus and airport surcharge, totally cost me 60$. But, later I realized that almost everything seems to be pretty expensive there... The hotel is Urban St.Leonards, just a few min walk to CISCO Lab.

I felt a bit hungry after I reached to the hotel. So, me and my friend took a walk to the nearest convenient store to get something to eat. We asked the receptionist for the direction and the nearest store is about 10 min walk. Actually, those stores turned out to be just around the Cisco Office. Cool... I don’t have to worry about my breakfast for the exam morning.

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