Monday, April 6, 2009

39 Days to Go..

Ok.. Today, the countdown timer shows 39 days left for my Lab date and i continue my lab sessions with IE. So, far i have done Lab 1,2,4 and 9 of IEWB Vol 2. Highest difficulty rating of them was only 7. So, i decided to go with 8 rating today. I did lab 3 today. Everything was pretty easy till multicast session.
There were some confusion about how the multicast traffic flow to check rpf failures. It was some kind of back-to-back Inter-AS VPN topology. VPN was pretty easy since i do not have to care alot about any lable drop along the path. But, in multicast session there was a GRE tunnel between some routers and multicast-VPN too. I just need to tweak with some static mroute and it was working fine. But, it's bit weried that both pim sparse mode and dense mode were asked to be used.
In security section there was a remote blackhole triggering scenerio and i had to spend quite a lot of time on that one. Even though i could propergate and point to the corret null interface, there was a problem of using RIP between ASBRs which has higher AD than the routes that i am propergating with the 666 communtiy number (i don't know why most of the work book use 666) from PE router (iBGP has lower AD than RIP). Then, i ended up reducing rip AD to some low value.
There was a cool thing creating a menu for a customer using "menu" command. I didn't know there were such thing in cisco routers. You can pre-define username/password for customer and once the customer login, he/she will be prompted with some options to choose from . You just need to create the menu, then bind the option (1,2,3,..) with your desired command.

1. Show VPN routing table (show ip route vrf ^*&*)
2. Show VPN BGP table (show ip bgp vpn vrf ^*&*)

login, press 1 and the routing table will be shown. pretty cool.

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