Monday, April 13, 2009

32 Days to Go...

Today, i continued IPExpert vol 2 lab 3 which i left a while ago. everything was ok except multicast section. I couldn't figure why one router cannot ping the group address. There were 7 router which is supposed to be able to ping that address, but, only that router couldn't. It was 3 Atonomous System topology with Inter-AS RR-RR VPN topology.. I still have 2 more labs which i need to finish up. I have finished up both of them until VPN section. So, only Security, QOS and Systme management parts left to be done. I have scheduled to do them on next week monday.

Whenever i did IPExpert Volume 2 labs, one session alone was not enough. So, i booked 2 consecutive sessions for revision next month.

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