Thursday, April 16, 2009

29 Days to Go...

Today, i could finish off the rest of QOS topic from the QOS exam certification guide. RED, WRED, ENC, header compressions and various kind of frame fragmentation techniques(MLP LFI and FRTS LFI). Additionally, i revised other service provider QOS techniques such as QPPB and MPLS QOS.

Since i have sechduled to finish all IE lab and IPexpert at the end of this month(April) and the Total Isolation starting from 1st of May (i will post the detail schedule later if i have time), I will need a lot of strength physically and mentally. S0, i decided not to do heavy stuff during this week. But, as all ccie candidate know, we can't stay without doing anyting while the pressure is on. So, i though of reading through the feature guides, white papers and technotes of the Exam IOS version.

So, i logged into my CCO account, browse through and found out that the following end of life IOS Versions have only a few stuff to read and i decided to read those. There are also a few interesting topics in 12.1T and 12.0T too..
There are no feature guides or technotes, but a lot of white papers. Below is the summary of the papers which are under each IOS version in case you are interested to read. But, i feel that some of the topics are not really related to Service Provider. I was happy to find that there are quite a lot of QOS, RSVP and NSF topics to read. Great Stuff!!

Update : i have changed the color of the bullets which i think is related to SP Lab


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