Monday, April 20, 2009

25 Days to Go...

Today lab went fine with a lot of redistribution here and there.. and one point i was getting the following error message on the router and sham link was down..

TE label 0x2B (2)
tspvif_transport_sendnet: Sending on TE interface FastEthernet1/0.12 (2)

This is because of the TE tunnel was in the way (PE-P) of two Sham-link running routers and makes the end-to-end LSP broken. The problem was solved by enabling ldp on tunnel interface and make the tailend router to accept targeted ldp hello. One more thing is Internet access. Because of the TE path, traffic from one PE to another PE which is provideing NAT service was coming in from the ip nat outside interface. So, I had to use an extra static route to make it work. Other than that, things were pretty simple.

After lab, i continued to read the IOS features from 12.2 S. Here is the summary of the topics that i picked and read again.
Tomorrow plan is to finish up IPExpert Vol2 Lab 4 and 5. I have finished both until VPN part. So, Security, System management, QOSs sections needed to be done.

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