Wednesday, April 22, 2009

23 Days to Go...

I tried to go thourgh IOS 12.2 features and guess what? there are 114 features in total to read. Even though i would filter out and read what i think is related to SP track, it will take me a while to scan through. But, i did filter out and read for 104 features for 12.2S. So, i'm sure i will survive with it.

Anyway, i don't feel like going through it right now. So, i decided to go through IOS Technology White Papers. There are several sections that i'm interested in
I am not sure if i can finish all of this and IOS features in time. Anyway, the first thing i picked up and read is of course the most fundamental of IOS technology, IP routing..There are also some topics which is not so relevant to SP track. i just skipped them.

IP Routing
Tomorrow i will go through an another technology, maybe MPLS/VPN.

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