Sunday, April 26, 2009

19 Days to Go...

IEWB, Lab 7 seems pretty simple until VPN internet connection section. There are 2 questions for internet connnection. I was able to figured out the easier one. But, for the hard one, i don't know what went wrong. Even, though i followed the solution guide, the CE routers still couldn't ping to BB rotues. There must me something... Anyway, i'm planning to redo this lab again in next month before the lab date. So, i guess i would be able to figure out next time.

There is one more thing in multicast section about MSDP. You will need to enable mpls on TE tunnel interface and make the tailend router to accept targeted ldp session. and the last Static NAT also made me confused too. Tomorrow, i will be doing Lab 8, Difficutly rating 8.

1 comment:

  1. dont fully trust the IEWB. Sometimes the questions or the solutions are not correct. you need to figure out urself.

    best of luck