Monday, April 27, 2009

17 Days to Go... Roller coaster ride with InternetworkExpert

Today the plan didn't go well. I was supposed to finish InternetworkExpert Vol.2 lab 10. I even took a day off from work to keep up with schedule. Actually, this wasn't part of my plan. I scheduled everything nicely to finish all the labs at the end of April. But, 2 weeks ago, INE was conducting online bootcamp and they canceled my session out of sudden. I couldn't rearrange it, couldn't swap with IPExpert sessions too, since i have finished all the labs from IPExpert. So, i had no choice but to reschedule it on a weekday.

Since i login to my assigned rack, one of the router is not accessable. I tried to clear the line from the term server but, i didn't help either. So, i decided to contact the gradedlabs support team after a few tries.

Their support was pretty impressive, i guess the time was kinda 3am, early morning in US. But, i got their reply within 10 min. Alexey Tolstenok frome INE was very helpful. He requested me to shift to another rack. I explained him that i scheduled 2 consecutive session, but, i do not see any session available next. I must get the same rack for 2 consective sessions.

Then, Alexy gave me one rack, maybe a backup rack or the rack which hasn't been put into production. There was no initial config for that rack. But, it was easy to edit the initial configs so, i was quite happy and moved to that rack and start the lab.

I notied that the lab has quite a lot of tricky question as it has difficulty rating of 9. I did switching, frame-realy, ATM, IGP and then BGP. But, while i was doing BGP session, found out that one of the rotuer is not supporting BGP and i had to stop the lab. Finally, i requested them to canceled both of my session and reschedule it in next month. That day is supposed to be my light study day which i do not have any lab booked and now it's gone. :(

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